Prairie Gold Produce Ltd.

Providing the Best Potato Products that Nature has to Offer

Prairie Gold Produce Ltd


Situated in the Potato Capital of the west;
Vauxhall Alberta Canada

Privately owned Canadian Family Business

" We provide the best potato products that nature
has to offer"


Fresh Pack Potatoes and Dehydrated Potato Granules


Image of the Delanoy family.

Prairie Gold Produce is a privately owned Canadian company which is operated by the Delanoy Family. The Delanoy's are local growers with their farm located in Vauxhall, Alberta. They have been growing potatoes for over 35 years and currently farm 9000 acres of land. The growth of their farm operation is a direct result of their commitment to quality and customer service.





Image of dehydrated potato granules and whole potatoes.

Prairie Gold Produce's Product: 

Fresh Pack Potatoes 
 Dehydrated Potato Granules Image of a potato plant with flowers in the field.





Image of the Prairie Gold Produce logo.

Prairie Gold Produce is strengthening the potato supply chain by being the quality leader for the industry. We are constantly striving for excellence in quality, service and delivery. We respect our people, customers, suppliers and planet; we value their involvement as an integral part of our business.







Image of a red leaf with dew drops illustrating Prarie Gold Produce environmental strategy.

Prairie Gold Produce cares for the environment. With our act globally stay locally strategy for our fresh pack potatoes, we reduce our environmental footprint and are able to offer our local customers our highest quality product.