Prairie Gold Produce Ltd.

Providing the Best Potato Products that Nature has to Offer


Image of potato granules in a scoop.

Whether prepared in instant mashed form or used as a thickener or binding ingredient in other foods, our potato granules make life more delicious.


Uses of our potato granules

Chances are if you are in the food industry you can use our product.

Image of prepared soup and sauce.

      • To thicken sauces
      • baby food
      • soup and sauce powders
      • African fufu
      • snack food
      • bakery products

Why choose our Prairie Gold potato granules?.

Image of croissant prepared with dehydrated potato granules.

  • Our commitment to you is to always provide granules of the highest quality available on the market today.
  • Potato granules have a higher yield than potato flakes. Therefore you have better value when you use potato granules.
  • Thanks to our unique process our potato granules don't produce the gluey consistency common to other types of potato products such as flakes and flour.

Ever wondered how our delicious Dehydrated Potato Granules are Produced?.

Image of dehydrated potato granules and potatoes.

You can find here our unique process. In order to provide you the best quality of potato granules Prairie Gold Produce uses the Add-back technology. During our process we're able to keep the wall of each potato cell intact, which keeps the amount of free-starch very low.



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We ship our potato granules to an established list of customers around the globe.